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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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called christina we've been meeting and in regards to thanking you especially commissioner haney for this resolution we completely support i have colleagues of mine from mission high school it's one the new comer pathway high schools. we all want to speak to the support for those children but how it will look in my classroom when they enter a counselors office and meeting with parents i have two former students that want to speak about their experience so again, i want to express my gratitude for all our work and hoechl throughout the years but also support in the community as well.
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because we are here to serve those children and all of us have a part to play to following cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. me will be your counselors don who is our could you please state your name for our english learners and following her will be take care and he'll talk about the classroom situation and i have two students who want to speak in regards to their experience and what they feel is needed as john urged we support. thank you. >> hello. thank you ms. tom and good evening to you. >> i'm dawn a counselor at mission high school i've got the privilege to work with the immigrant students in our new comer pathway as was mention
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after our new students come to meet with me i review they're cumulative folder to get a sense of their background. last year and now this year's enrollment i noticed our students in central america have paperwork from north carolina and heard about this from our esteemed colleagues our kids are crossing the borrowed and sent to detention centers families will sometimes open up after awhile about the treacherous adjourned user journey and waiting for the children's arrival. of course, many families are not ready to talk about it they and their children are trying to keep for what is in store for
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them. even if we know know the details he know what obstacles collectively they're facing the trauma associated with the bored crossing is most observe many are dealing with the violent situations in their home country and many students have gaps in their kaeksz they've may have finished middle school but not high school because it is twra too dangerous with the gangs and the streets recruiting young children so families keep their kids 0 home. so we know those students have a a lot of challenges legal hurdle and culture adjustment and reuniting with the family 31 they might have not lived with and dealing with the difficulties of being a teenager. i ouch wonder how our new
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students can focus what all the thanksgiving things they're dealing with we know their success of school is critical. families will tell me that education is the reason they've separated from their children in the first place. so as caveat i believe it's our task to help the students get the education and encourage your academic success that means building relationships and giving support and providing excellent teaching. at my school and across the district we have amazing staff from teachers and administrators and counselors that are committed to those kids we can make a difference i'm predictive of commissioner haney and the board and all of you toerlth tonight for showing your commitment to our immigrant
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students >> thank you (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> please 2 minutes. >> thank you commissioner haney for bringing this to the community and mr. truett. as a take care of admission high school i'm andy a take care at the high school i've taught a few e l classes but i wanted to hear if the teachers in the newcomer pathway and to hear their struggles with dealing with students who english language is so poor obviously just come to this country and their skills low a lot of their skills remembering remind me of the inclusionary model to teach in the classroom. i think that one of the biggest areas that's been helpful to me as a take care has been the
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inclusionary of the professionals and meeting the paraprofessionals in the clamor i believe that those students coming into our schools giving us an opportunity to what we should think about how to hire nor paraprofessionals current our paraprofessionals don't have full-time jokes and offer the jobs in the community to serve the students as my brothers and sisters said we have a stick coming up on thursday one of the biggest issue is the fact we need important paraprofessionals in the classroom that we're there and they need a living wage in the necessary not only in the classrooms but in the hallways but i want to speak to extra counseling i want to link
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what is happening with our contract there's a real opportunity to use our contract to serve the niece of the students and the workers in the schools thank you. >> hello, everyone. my name is - i'm from central america i relate to the struggle i emigrated to the united states what i was 12 years old it's a similar circumstance my journey was not an easy one. i remember my 7th grade middle school not really knowing why i was not able to communicate with everyone and i began to fit in with my peers and in doing so i was economically hurting myself
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all i wanted to do was fit in in a new culture but thankfully my could you please state your name be was able to give me help and put me in an excellent program i took this challenge not knowing that this action that my council would have a terrific impact in the future. i take advantage of the tutoring and counseling among others for new comer like myself by taking advantage of the programs this curd my curiosity towards education at abraham lincoln high school i took advantage of the e s l program that helped me
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with my english vocabulary to give me the tools to accelerate but most importantly by having the opportunity with the bilingual programs i learned the academic remits like the a through e courses that are necessary to pressure pursue a higher ejection i became the first one to go to college i am one of many education that proves that ucsf provides center educational support for children regardless of their immigration status thank you (clapping) >> good afternoon. i'm i was
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born and raised in guatemala i emigrated here. i also a mission high school congratulate and currently a senior at santa cruz i was only 14 years old i had to learn the language and culture and system and most important had to work to help my family back in guatemala everything was a culture shock and thanks to the hispanic caucus group i've entered the washington, d.c. caucus group people were speaking about their xreshs it broke my heart to tell the
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congress they had no sheets and one boomer important over one hundred children today, i ask you all to meet the needs of our children fleeing if violence and poverty i had to flee if poverty one of 9 children and i'm the first one in my family to go to college those children will struggler with the bronze immigration system i need to know when we came here we gave up everybody our homes and families we try to reunite with our families we most of the time we only know our loved ones through pictures i ask you to provide the resources to us through legal services and remember all children are sacred
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thank you, everyone (clapping) and so i have another one more speaker signed up only one more card for christina and he apologize christina signed up to speak in support of the immigration minimum wage and christina two minutes please. hello superintendent and commissioners yes minimum wage seriously i don't know if anyone else has brought a copy around the district but, yes i'm here a san francisco native for the advocates and i'm here in support of the resolution for unaccompanied mirandize. and first and foremost i'm the daughter of a once undocumented cabinet my father emigrated to
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the united states with a lens first grade education and not but one pair of shoes and one of a city that was deemed the murder capital of the world for more than a decade. my father taught me everyday was education is the only thing they can't take away from they, take our house and money and all our material goods but not your education and thanks to that i was the first to graduate from college and the first to get a master degree i'm in full support of this resolution san francisco is a sanctuary city and with the richness in renouncing resources we have to be a sanctuary district thank you. (clapping.)
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so i see we have other speeches i don't have cards for. how many speakers do we have. two speakers please explain the prototype it's a card before the card is called >> she identified last night when the cards were given i we'll allow one minute each. >> good evening my name is patricia hernandez a student in city college and child development. i'm working as a publish for childhood service. i don't know to much but i need to say that the children in the
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bored they are your help. they are needed in san francisco like central city they need our support. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. i'm a member of the family reunification movement i ask that the board take matters into their hands in order to help those children.
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thank you very much for speaking tonight. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>. good evening superintendant and commissioners i'm a parent and i strongly support this resolution. and those children live in fear and risked their lives to cross the border we have the mental health services we're the light that shines in their darkness so, please pass this resolution thank you. thank you very much (clapping) so the comment is now closed and comments from the superintendant >> commissioner maufas. first, i'd like to ask the authorize and if my colleagues time to be added into the resolution thank you for bringing it forward and 32 thank you to all the folks that came
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out appreciate your staying and acknowledge all the other support systems with us and unified with us in this process thank you for coming and saying that. who unknowable do know this is an issue we need to hear the momentum this is heartwarming i want to say that as well. i appreciate our staff being on top of that thank you, thank you that speaks to the high-level of work you do already and i can't imagine you didn't have systems in place to trigger more sports. i i'd like to ask for whatever money we can access did the governor 81 say say anything to
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access support in combination with the federal government what have we been able to leverage do we have an understanding this many children are coming to our consulate system and how can we support them do we have other monies i see a document that lists a bunch of different resources i'd like to know did we get or will we get resources forthcoming and whatever transitions me too active how do we let our government know we need additional support systems. >> so my understanding is the way that the title funds work in terms of additional resources at the federal level it's been accounts and enrollments counts and have funds to support the students in your district and have an additional count that
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will give us additional funds in the following year it's not an exact grant immediately but we will, you know, we have title iii funds and title i schools that support those students so we'll be able to do that even though our additional - within our el cap we've create systems to serve newcomers so a lot of of the foundational system is already there and we have a system where we set the system up in the beginning which school year urging the formula and students come in through the year that funding has already happened we're anticipating additional if i understand in the following year and have there's some interest in the in terms of foundations to fund the support work we're exploring so
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there's other things we're looking into as well. >> so if i may follow-up what is the timeline to hire the staff person and what kind of professional development are we going to be offering. >> so we're in the next couple of months we're going to be working in terms of qualifications the roles and responsibility we already have in terms of goals and outcomes a draft work plan of what that individual will do that individual will be responsible for is really building the awareness to all of our sites who will be receiving unaccompanied immigrant children insuring with the teachers and the whole system of support is ware of the resources that are out there really strengthening our system so we can be able to get the students.
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>> the timeline for hiring a staff person. >> additionally we're thinking the qualifications will be that of a social worker so a social worker is uniquely trained in the effects of trauma and the impact of being separated from our family that's within our discretion to hire it wouldn't be a delay we have kind of i guess identified funding so open the position my time immediately and start the process of filing that position. similar to what we have a decked staff for the homeless program and we've proposed that quite possibly we'll need a dedicated staff for our immigrant children and wastepaper learned with the
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support of the superintendant we staff that we if we have the numbers playing out we can move quickly on the position >> would you tell us when the position is filed and commissioner wynns a question. >> thank you, everybody and thank all the speakers that came. it's i think for us here in san francisco its kind of on and on what the response of the communities have been justly we're interested. i'm particularly interested i really want to thank the staff, you know, that's great to hear we're not waiting but i'm particularly interested there's
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references to facilitate the resolution that internal revenue not in our wheel house i want to know how boring to side that oh, we're going to call such and such person i mean can you update on us trying to exhaust all those things i presumably will be a staff person but also in coordinating with other agency i don't expect us to do ail those things there are people that actually have the roll but i think it's important to kind of know how those things work together so we in our thinking about going forward it is not, you know, we're not isolating what we can do for students and what others are doing for them but how things
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work together and i appreciate everyone >> commissioner weithorn and then commissioner maufas and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell and commissioner maufas no can speak okay. here we go and then a superintendant so everyone remember the line up. >> so i just had a question really will the capacity for our new xoerm pathway seats. mr. sander son i may ask you questions that staff may not know but it does seem i mean part over philosophy since we've closed the newcomer program so have new comer students in comprehensive high schools so as
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they become for capital of doing that. i'm a little bit concerned it seems like in our big high schools we have a small strand of students some of over proscribed by then i see marshal for example, we have a quiet a large strand what's the enrollment what do we expect that to be this year >> 6 hundred. >> 5 hundred or so. >> if this strand becomes completely enrolled up to capacity it's more than a third of the student body is it comparable to mission that has a sizeable newcomer. >> it comes down to the physical space i know we've talked to for mission high school we've moved it t the
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mission zone we have to look at the commission classroom space that's an important consideration that defines a lot of this crenshaw then 10 has been working to see what physical space is available and i completely understand we're limited by space, you know, as schools about to open in a week and we've finished our enrollment process what i'm saying if we continue to see those numbers n in future years that would be good for us and good for the students if he were able to equalize the size of the pathways so you don't have one high school that is, you know, has a third of the students in newcomer pathway and another at school that has a smaller number
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so it's better to be equal in our planning for there we don't see this is going to change this flood of folks coming so i think it would be good for us to plan ahead. >> so commissioner weithorn you're raising a valid concern we've been discussing those very intensively we share our concerns about the smaller high school this is a significant population at the school so how will we be supported that school and to balance out the schools so bill can describe for a moment some of the work we're doing with marshal high school this week as we prepare. >> reporter i think it's critical the deputy superintendant carr restraining order stated we look at this as
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a broader school district we'll have successes in ucsf with the san francisco international high school and how do we reciprocate that and we're expanding the network with the integral schools and how do we reciprocate that in marshal and then taking a broader look at it, it's something we've discussed in detail to make sure we don't just - we don't have the population too great of the percentage. >> to make sure i understand what you said we're taking the aspects of the international program and trying to reciprocate those so we're seeing that as a four-year program like the international it's more enter disciplinary. >> we're working with the same
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international network and working with them at good marshal. >> if i could add one additional point if you refer back to the data that special assistant shared with the bona fide board one of the challenges we have we don't quite know the full scope of who the students are yet but based on the information we know that a good majority of the students have high school age and reside in the eastern part of our southeast part of our city so marshal was a good choose given what our children have been dwog through to get here marshal is a good location so they don't have to travel across the city has we're monitoring the students and where they reside and come to our schools we may in updates to the board we're showing how
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we move through the strands. the unsung heros in this course of action is absolutely our high school principles and our teachers at the high schools their flexible and going to start the year with some uncertainty where the students will end up that's a strengthen that everyone embarrassed the fact those students have a great experience given the trauma they've gone through we'll a keep the public and board updated. >> i really want to thank my colleagues the authors of this resolution this reflects a recognition of the basic hifrts of those children. i want to make 3 points first in terms of community resources i want to offer some additional community resources i want